Tired of Renting and Want to OWN?

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rent to own

Surely you’ve heard it before: “Why would you rent? You’re practically throwing money out the window every month!

We agree. Why wouldn’t you want to put your money towards your own home?

The problem is most Americans, probably even you, simply cannot qualify for a mortgage.

Not necessarily because you can’t afford it either.

Credit  is usually the factor that causes people to get turned down.

rent to buy

This leaves many average Americans with no other option but to rent.

Renting isn’t always so bad. But why continue to make your landlord rich?

That money could be used to benefit YOUR family!

Imagine building equity with every payment you make…

Having the freedom to decorate and improve as you wish…

Knowing the pride of ownership…

And security of being able to leverage your asset if you need to.

Rarely is there a better feeling than the comfort of your own home. A place to care for and enjoy to the fullest.

And FREEDOM from someone else being in control of your living situation. No more feeling trapped.

Not to mention the tax advantages.

Isn’t this the American Dream?

We think so and it’s why we desire to help people just like you come to know the joys of home ownership.

Don’t be afraid, we’re here to walk you through the whole process.

lease to own
lease to buy

Our process is pretty straightforward. In the beginning it isn’t much different than renting.

Except this time when you get the keys, know that you are on the path to home ownership!

In fact, ownership begins before you buy.

Just like other rent-to-own programs for things such as furniture and appliances, you are renting to own your house.

Time to start flexing those home owner muscles!

In the not too distant future you’ll qualify for a mortgage and begin to own for real, all without the stress of moving… again.


We serve the Greater Metro Detroit area including Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw and Monroe counties.

Properties are coming available all the time and they don’t last long.

Take action now to get the process started!

You never know what opportunity will arise and you don’t want to miss out on your dream home.

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How To Get Started

There are a few steps to taking advantage of our Rent to Own Program.

  • First, fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon. We must to determine what your credit-worthiness is, how much you can afford based on your income and get a timeframe for mortgage qualification based on your credit.
  • Next, be prepared for someone to contact you. We will determine your needs such as where you need to live, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as any other factors that will help us get you into the right home for you and your family.

Be sure to look around our site to find out more information on how the program works.

  • Last, save your money. Buying a home isn’t without it’s costs and you will need some financial discipline in order to qualify. We work directly with Movement Mortgage and they can give you advice on how to improve your credit when they contact you.

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